Extremely Delicate Beauty Extremely Delicate Beauty

About 1500 years ago, "The origin of Japan's aesthetic sense" was born in Kyoto. It started from the glamorous court culture, Kyoto's unique sense of value that loves nature is extremely delicate. It has been further refined, while affected by Buddhism, samurai and town culture. Nishijin textile is Japan's oldest traditional industry. The progress has been made by designs that focuses on beautiful nature and culture which have been developed by people, and the craftsmanship of outstanding craftsmen. The art works of Nishijin Asagi brocade is made of the world's finest weaving technology (1800 needle jacquard).

People Spining ASAGI Brocade
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Nishijin Brocade Asagi × Masterpieces Nishijin Brocade Asagi × Masterpieces

In art history, Numerous masterpieces were represented that era. Yamato-e, Kano-ha, Rimpa, Ukiyo-e are world-renowned art.
In addition, Van Gogh and Monet, Renoir were fascinated by Rimpa and Ukiyo-e. The paintings of the world's great masters who are said to be impressionists were also exhibited.
By we have woven it so delicately that we can understand its writing, using the best weaving technology. Some are faithful, some are unique to Nishijin brocade Asagi.
Please enjoy expressions that are not found in paintings.

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